Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Another God moment in our life

For a brief second I must admit that I did not want to share what I am about to. Pride. That is the culprit behind my hesitation. Love is the reason I must share.

As you probably know, Jesse and I made a decision in Nov of last year that we were and are certain was what God was very clearly telling us to do. I resigned from Broad Street Ministry Center. We did not understand, we just knew I had to be obedient. Jesse and I knew that this was going to cause some big waves in our life. We knew that we would struggle financially. We knew that we would lose relationships that we valued. We also knew that there would be internal struggles for us because we both would have to learn to do things that did not come naturally. For me - I am a leader and I would have to learn to follow. Jesse is learning to lead us - to confess, I had stolen that role from him even before we got married.

Anyway, just as we had expected, financially we are struggling. For the past four months we have not known how we would pay our mortgage payment. We have trusted that God would give us opportunity to make the money we need or He would provide it. Last month, in an attempt to have money to pay our bills, we sold my car. My car was paid for and we sold it for $10,000. We bought another car the week after. We were able to pay some bills. Great! Our plan worked! Well -so we thought. That is until the transmission went out in the car we bought. We took it to a shop and got an estimate on rebuilding the transmission - $3800. Wow! My brother owns an auto shop in Waynesboro so we asked him what he could do. He can order a used transmission with a year warranty for $1800. Wow! That is great news - except for the fact that we don't have $1800. So....

So nothing. We made the decision to trust God. Now, I will tell you we are very frustrated about the car. Please don't think we got the news and began skipping around our living room. Not so. But there is nothing we can do. We knew that we would have to wait on God to give us an opportunity to make some money to get it repaired.

So yesterday, I got a phone call. Please bare with me - this IS going somewhere. Abram and I were watching Barney when my phone rang. Usually if I don't know your number - I don't answer. Yesterday I did answer.
On the phone was a man that I have never seen before. He sells insurance. I talked with him a few months ago about getting health insurance. Once I found out we were pregnant - we also found out that makes us un-insurable. Needless to say - I didn't really call this guy back - I figured we would call him later- after the baby is born.
The man - who I will not name - said that during his prayer time God brought me and Jesse to his mind and we were on his heart. He then (after repeatedly apologizing for the "weirdness" of the call) told me that he needed to send us something. He did not say what - he just graciously asked for my mailing address.

So now I am curious. If you know me well - you know that I already LOVE checking the mail. Jesse knows that is my job. :) Needless to say - I was very anxious to check the mail today.

Today I go to the mailbox. . . anxiously awaiting what the call I got yesterday was about.

I pull out a letter that said, 'During my prayer time God brought you and your family to my heart, I do not understand but I don't have to. I just have to be obedient."

Inside the letter was a check. I looked at what was first glance $25. Then I noticed that it had many more zeros. Someone - that I have never seen, only spoken with about health insurance three months ago, gave our family $2500.

I am so amazed at how God always provides for our family. I should not be so amazed all the time but I am in constant awe. Who are we that God considers us?!

It is amazing how many times I have witnessed God bless us for being obedient. I admit to you that being obedient has been difficult at times. I know we made the right move in our life. I know that we obeyed God. It feels good to be loved by the One who knows all.

I will say that I notice a beautiful dance in our life... God calls us to a place of obedience then shows us His faithfulness as He calls others to obedience. Beautiful.

Please be encouraged by this message. Know that what you are in right now, God is too. He is not far, He is near to His children. Where you lack, He never does. Where you walk, He has planned the path. Be faithful to trust Him.

Zephaniah 3:17 reminds us of how He sings over us... I hear that today. I feel the warmth that comes from a Father's voice singing in my ear.

I love you and it is a joy to share with you about the Lord and His faithfulness.

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