Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A pea in the pod

That's right! We have another little pea in the pod! We are so excited that God is giving us another little one. Abram will be a big brother. I am looking forward to seeing him interact with his little brother of sister.

So here is how you can pray for us. We do not have health insurance. BUT since I am not working and Jesse is doing real estate and works on commisssion - we qualify for medicaid right now. SC medicaid that is. I called my doctor - the one that delivered Abram - and asked if took SC Medicaid. He doesn't. He takes GA but not SC. So I have to find another doctor - which I do not want to do because Dr Byars is an amazing doctor who loves Jesus! I do know that God will provide all that we need. He always has. So pray we find another Godly man to help us bring this baby into the world.

Also, we are in limbo as to if we should find out the gender of the baby before birth. Well - by we I mean I am in limbo. Jesse is certain he does not want to know. I am thinking maybe I do this time. People ask what I want. What a funny question. I want the baby that God has for me. Boy or girl. Healthy or not. I want the baby that God has planned for me to have. That is all the simple part.

Pray for my daddy's health. His cancer is fighting him hard. My hearts desire is to see him play with all of our children. We are due Dec 20th. I'm praying he gets to hold this baby and know him or her.

Well that is all for now. I have to start this day running.
Thanks for being amazing friends!


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