Sunday, November 22, 2009

When it rains - it pours

Sometimes I wonder why things happen all at once. Or am I the only one this happens with? I think sometimes God may let us go though many things at once so that our total life does not seem so overwhelming. 

My dad went to the doctor last week for some tests. Those tests determined that he needed to go to the hospital for more tests. After the second set of tests he found out he has colon cancer. He may also have liver cancer. He has been tired for a long time now and has had problems 
with his stomach for over a year. 

He goes to a specialist next week. Please pray for my family. My dad is a fighter and for that I am thankful. I dont really know much about these cancer, esp the liver cancer. I do know this - God is the one who created every cell and every nerve in my dad's body.  In that, I find peace.

My heart is hurting so much for my mom right now. She is so in love with my dad. She has never really known life without him so she is very afraid. I guess we always prepare our hearts for the worst - just in case. My parents got married when my mom was 14 years old. Shocking huh!? He was 17 years old. They are 58 and 61 now. That's 44 years of falling more in love with each other. Though their story is odd, I love it. It has taught me to never give up. 

Here are some things you can pray for our family...

1. That this will be a sweet time for our family to grow closer together and remind my daddy how much we love him and are there to support him.

2. That my mom will find perfect peace in the arms of the God who gave life.

3. That all the cancer will and can be found and treated.

4. That this will be something God using to draw my daddy to Him. That this will be the day of salvation for my daddy. He is not a follower of Christ. He is a good man. He knows who God is. He has just never surrendered to Him. This is my upmost prayer. 

The thought of life without my daddy is hard enough here on earth but to think of heaven without him is more painful.

5. They don't have insurance. This week they have spend over $3000 on tests. They are both small business owners so they don't have a lot of savings either. Pray that God will provide for their every need in a great way. Also, pray that they do not worry about these things.

6. Pray for our family to be obedient to God and care for our father right now. Pray we, esp those of us who belong to Christ, take this time to love him in a way this world does not love... a Godly love.

Thank you dear friends for letting me share these things with you. 

God is mighty. His ear is never to far from us and His hand is always upon us. Praise His holy name. 

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